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2017 Linwood Pickle Festival

August 18-20



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Softball Tournament Form

The Linwood Pickle Festival is excited to host its annual softball tournament.  If you are interested in participating this year print off and fill out the form below.  Please follow the directions on the form and return it by July 15th.  Deposit due by Aug 8.

Softball Tournament Registration Form

Softball Tournament Rules

Code of Conduct

Please be sure to review the code of conduct information for this year, it will be enforced.

 $100 Deposit.  Nonrefundable!

 $240 Entry Fee


**Checks can be made to Linwood Park Board #2

Questions regarding the tournament please leave message at linwoodpicklefest@gmail.com

Send to: LPB #2 P.O. Box 386 Linwood, MI 48634

Please click the link to the full form for all details and restrictions.